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Libya, the Anniversary of a Fraudulent Season – A Pale Celebration for the revolutionary Succubae


Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) 17 Febryary 2013 the new Libyan regime celebrated the second anniversary of its Arab Spring Revolution. About 3,000 flag-waving celebrants marked the photo opportunity at Tripoli´s Green Square. It is a far cry from the tens of thousands of Libyans who marched to the Green Square to hear Muammar or Said Islam Ghadafi speak. The celebration looked pale in comparison, and so do the new “leaders” of Libya. The comparison with Succubae, who sap the life blood of Libya and Africa after their fraudulent victory in an even more fraudulent Season is unavoidable.

3,000 flag-waving Libyans, the number is probably amounting to the number of card-carrying members of the local Muslim Brotherhood outfit plus a few Salafist Clerics, never too pale for a photo opportunity in Liberated Libya, were sending balloons of freedom and hope, and celebratory fireworks into the skies over Tripoli. Hope ? Yes Libya needs hope. Hope to recover from the menace that was brought upon Libya and with it, on all of Africa. Celebratory fireworks ? Well yes, but who is celebrating ?

Naturally, the car horns had to honk, sending shivers down the spines of the non-card-carrying-non-members of liberated Libya, who remember all too well, the 4×4 patrols, capturing, lynching, raping, plundering, torturing, and killing while “honking in celebration“. I wonder how a black Libyan feels while hearing the honking and the fireworks, while seeing convoys of 4×4 in the streets of Tripoli. The Ecstasy has worn off, of the new Libya. What remains is a terrible hang-over.

The Ecstasy has worn off of the Libyan youth who were drugged by the Dutch Ecstasy Lab´s Discount Drugs. Amsterdam´s drug labs celebrate the death of billions of synapses while the “heroic youth” are left with hazy recollections of rape and murder.

The Ecstasy has also worn off for those new leaders, who were “group-thinked” enough to believe that the Libyan masses would receive them with open arms and celebrations. The other ones, the less blind, more cynical and realistic ones, could probably care less and think that 3,000 card-carrying members who celebrate the “revolution” on Green Square are just fine. What remains for the honest fools among Libyan leaders and the majority of the Libyan people , is to recover from the nightmares.

Prime Minister Ali Zidan had to face reality when he had to make his public appearance. The problem for him must have been how to ”keep up appearances“. How stricken by reality Prime Minister Ali Zidan is, is reflected in celebratory speech. A bloodless speech after bloody murder, a pale speech from a “revolutionary“. Zidan had to sell the fresh breeze of the fraudulent season. It’s not an easy task, so there were issues which were to be avoided as much as humanly possible.

National unity in the light of diversity, respect for tribal traditions and structures in a united Libya, near democracy which empowers the people of Libya on a grass-roots level, the fair distribution of the country´s wealth.

The privilege of free health-care, free education, a free home for the newly wed. Pride in Pan-African ideals. An African currency for African nations. The unification of Africa rather than the neo-colonial administration called African Union.

The deep emotional scars, carried by those whose loved ones have been massacred because of the color of their skin, whose dignity as Libyans was raped and murdered long before their execution, when mainstream media sold them to a dumbed down western “media-consumerate” as “Ghadaffi´s African Mercenaries“. A narrative that was endorsed by the first African American President of the USA.

Prime Minister Ali Zidan had to do his very best to avoid these issues and many other; like the question, when the Tawergha will mercifully be allowed to return to their utterly demolished city, which was systematically taken down, burned down house by house. The problem for Libya´s Prime Minister must have been how not to deliver a celebratory speech that was utterly void of reality without stirring up a hornets nest, or ten, or more.

With limited opportunity with regard to celebrating a revolutionary reality, the only real choice Zidan had, was to “hail the martyrs and Libya´s State Security, which were wounded, or missing, or who gave the most noble sacrifice as revolutionaries”. “Libya is proud of those brave young people and will depend on them in its prosperous future” he said. Right, but who is Libya ? And who prospers ? And yes, the post-fraudulentArab-Spring-Libya can only prosper with a strong State Security. Zidan is aware of it, his speech reflects acute awareness about whom the beloved revolutionary has to thank for his security. In Zidan´s nightmares he may or not be haunted by the images of Muammar Ghadaffi driving through Tripoli while the masses are waving and cheering. How pale it makes him look in comparison.

“The dictator was toppled and Libya triumphed. The election was successful, the General National Congress was elected, the government was formed, and we started to build state institutions based on modern foundations as per the principles and goals of the Fenruary 17 revolution“, Zidan said, like a perfect technocrat.

And what else should Prime Minister Zidan say ? After all, he needed to adhere to at least some reality and what better choice than to give credit to State Security. To Al Qaeda´s Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, whose commander became the Military Governor of Tripoli, Libya´s State Security. Celebrate our fraudulent spring with us or face State Security is as close to the reality of liberated Libya as one can possibly get.

Of course Zidan had to mention the toppling of Muammar Ghadaffi, and of course he had to make Ghadaffi look like a dictator. Some of the 3,000 card-carrying members who gathered at Green Square for celebrations probably believed him, the others knew better but could care less because - those who benefit won´t complain. The majority of Libyans knows better; nobody said Ghadiffi´s Libya could not have needed a fresh Spring-Breeze. All countries could; all genuine revolutions are continuous; but a fraudulent season sold by pale Succubae ?

Zidan´s celebratory speech was the speech of a pale technocrat; not one of an African revolutionary. A western asset, a proxy, call it what ever you want to. Grasping to the straw of successful elections, the building of state institutions; carbon copies of western Plutocracies. No part of Prime Minister Ali Zidan´s celebration of the fraudulent season was worthy of the likes of a Lumumba, a Mandela, a Gbagbo, a Ghadaffi, or any other true African leader.

Ali Zidan´s celebration of the fraudulent season in the light of 3,000 card-carrying members of liberated Libya, who sent balloons of hope into the skies over Tripoli, in the light of security patrols in the neighboring streets to prevent a real manifestation of the real Libya, let Prime Minister Zidan appear as what he is.

It is as if a ray of light had hit a vampire. A pseudo-revolutionary Succubus, who is desperately trying to sell a fraudulent season, and who looks alarmingly pale in comparison to the “Dictator” he claims to have ousted.

Источник: nsnbc





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